lipowood massage



Maderotherapy 1 session 60 min
Maderotherapy 1 session 60 min
500.000 IDR
Maderotherapy 5 sessions 60min
Maderotherapy 5 sessions 60min
2.000.000 IDR
Maderotherapy 10 sessions 60min
Maderotherapy 10 sessions 60min
3.500.000 IDR

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    Manual anti-cellulite massage

    Anti-cellulite massage helps to distribute adipose tissue evenly under the skin with a smoothening effect. It directly affects the surface of the skin and stimulates circulation.

    The results are especially good in combination with an appropriate diet, anti-cellulite creams and exercise.
    The first results can be expected after a couple of massage sessions.

    Anti-cellulite massage achieves a tightening of the skin. More nutrients are obtained from the blood and collagen is restored, which affects the firmness and elasticity of the skin. It also helps toxins trapped in the form of cellulite to be expelled through the skin.

    Right where you need it

    Shaping the body and improving tonus

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