The Compressive Microvibration Method is a cutting-edge comprehensive body treatment, designed to address specific areas of your body that may cause dissatisfaction. Our treatments yield positive outcomes for the entire body, effectively addressing concerns ranging from cellulite reduction to body sculpting.



1 session Endosphere massage 60 min
1 session Endosphere massage 60 min
1.150.000 IDR
5 sessions Endosphere massage
5 sessions Endosphere massage
3.750.000 IDR
10 sessions Endosphere massage
10 sessions Endosphere massage
6.500.000 IDR

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    Endosphere massage


    Endospheres is an advanced technology that utilizes a revolutionary Compressive Microvibration system. The treatment involves a roller device containing 55 silicon spheres, which generates low-frequency mechanical vibrations. These vibrations effectively target the primary causes of cellulite: lymphatic stasis, fluid retention, and the accumulation of fat cells. The treatment adheres to a precise protocol developed by our Scientific Committee and can be applied to both the entire body and face. It is especially popular for addressing common problem areas such as the thighs, buttocks, and upper arms.

    Reshapes the silhouette and smooths out wrinkles, Tones muscles and firms' tissues
    Improves oxygenation and eliminates pain, Eliminates toxins and aids lymphatic drainage

    The Endospheres technique enables us to reshape and sculpt various areas of the body prone to the accumulation of stubborn fatty deposits, which can be challenging to eliminate using traditional methods. These deposits tend to occur on the arms, back, waist, abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. However, the great advantage of our treatment lies in its adaptability to combat fatty deposits in any of these regions. As a result, your body will emerge smooth, well-contoured, and sculpted from head to toe.

    Endospheres is treatment for the whole body.

    Endospheres is treatment for the whole body. Thanks to its revolutionary methods of treatment capable of addressing body and face imperfections (fighting cellulite, reversing the skin’s aging process, smoothing the look and feel of the skin, as a small selection of examples).

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